We’ve all heard stories about carrying “baggage” and the emotional and physical impacts it can have on us. When we hold on to anger, hurt or resentment we prevent ourselves from moving forward toward enjoying a full and prosperous life. And to put a finer point on it, whatever it is we are holding on to, it most likely bothers us more than it does anyone else. How’s that working out?!?

So, how do we let go? “Get over it” is a common sentiment but that rarely works because we’ve not processed the reason why we we’re holding on to “it” the first place. To help you unpack this, here are a few steps to help LET GO, free yourself of what is holding you back and start 2018 in a more positive frame of mind:

  1. IDENTIFY what you need to let go of. What is it that raises your blood pressure, gets in your way and holds you back?
  2. Be WILLING to let go. You can’t change the past, but you certainly can learn from it and change your future.
  3. List how you BENEFIT by holding on or conversely how you can benefit by letting go. By raising your awareness you begin to loosen the stranglehold it has on you.
  4. FORGIVE or ACCEPT, yourself or someone else, for what had happened. It doesn’t mean you condone what occurred, but you are done carrying it.
  5. VISUALIZE that everything on your list is gone, how do you FEEL?

If you are still struggling to identify what it is or how you benefit from holding on reach out and we can walk through the process together.

Here’s to a lighter, more energetic and prosperous New Year!

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