Why Coaching?

Proof is in the numbers, in a study from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), they shared the benefits of working with a certified professional coach as identified by clients from an ICF survey:


  • Clients improved their work performance 70%
  • Clients improved their business management 61%
  • Clients improved their time management 57%
  • Clients improved their team effectiveness 51%


  • Clients improved their self-confidence 80%
  • Clients improved their relationships 73%
  • Clients improved their communication skills 72%
  • Clients improved their work-life balance 67%

What my clients are saying…

“My life felt stagnant and without purpose.  I needed a change. I was uncertain what to change or how to change it. Newbold Coaching helped provide clarity for what was truly making me unhappy, Christine guided me to level where I could both understand where I wanted the next phase of my career to go, but I could recognize the path that would take me there. Christine was instrumental in helping me establish a very workable plan to get to that goal.  She showed me that my destiny is, and as it turns out, has always been in my hands and that I needed to take ownership of my happiness.  Christine empowered me to take those next steps and I am in a much better place now, than I ever have been thanks to Newbold Coaching.” Tracy Hulver

Director, Business Development

“Working with Christine aided me in addressing underlying roadblocks and helped me find a way through, and immediately relieved my feelings of, being overwhelmed in launching my business. I was no longer immobilized with the numerous tasks for the certifications I was seeking, but able to tackle those tasks and move forward far more quickly than anticipated.  She has amazing insight and at the end of each session I felt a sense of relief and knew that everything would work out.” Cristi Alonso

Project Mindful

“Christine has an inherent capacity to listen and tune into what is needed and draw out concerns and ideas in a way that offers discovery and inspiration. Through her curiosity and paying close attention to what was essentially “between the lines”, she was able to help me figure out what was keeping me from getting what I wanted, and I was able to map out an action plan. Through her helping me stay accountable, I achieved my goal. As a natural coach and facilitator, she is patient, listens, and observes, and through her questions is able to help you learn what lies beneath the surface that could potentially be holding one back or to help move one forward. Christine Newbold is laser-focused on helping you discover and achieve the life you want.” Bryan Nadeau

Principal, Vision to Reality Coaching

“I had the pleasure of working with Christine over several months. She helped me navigate career mapping, resume review and my LinkedIn profile. We also spent time on my long-term goals and strategies on how to get there. I am grateful for her insight and ability to ask questions that allowed me to get to the root of my interest and goals. Through our discussions and exercises, we were able to articulate my strengths and recognize how I was perceived. This process allowed me to present myself in a different light as I advance my career.  I would recommend Christine to anyone looking to evaluate where they are and where they want to be. She has the ability to draw you out and help you see things through a different lens.” Mike O’Connell

Senior Account Manager

“Christine is a great accountability partner always holding my best interest in mind and calling me out when I needed a gentle push in the direction of my desires and overcoming past limited beliefs that I found were creating inner blocks in moving toward my career goals.  She encouraged me to take control and she will ensure you always put forward your best self as you seek your ideal opportunity!” Ivan Queiroz

Solis Coaching

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