That was harsh, I know.  I recently have been reading articles about career advice and one that jumped out for me was around the top regrets people had before they died and lessons they had learned along the way.  Not necessarily what you may want to think about mid-career, but it is now that you have the time to pivot and make a change.  Most notably in the article was the top regret in not pursuing their dream.  Sounds cliche, right?  But what are we losing or what cost are we paying by not pursuing our dreams?  Things that come to mind for me are the basics: happiness, authenticity and abundance.  If you were on your deathbed would you want to admit you had missed out on those seemingly simple values?

Another article pointed to the obvious but not exciting fact that life is short (duh.)  By not knowing how long we have are you willing to pass up the opportunity to follow your passion?  I think I can speak for the majority of us and say NO!  So, where does that lead us?

Passion, follow your dream, throw caution to the wind and “Just Do It!”  Relatively woo-woo and risky.  What about taking the first step and just list what that dream, passion or bucket-list item or items are?  Now, prioritize by the thought if you knew you had one year to live which of those items would you regret not doing.  Looks like you have a great starting point to plan your next chapter!

Let me know if I can help you with the process and get you into action in achieving your dreams!

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